About US

Talk About Speech Pathology is a paediatric practice dedicated to helping children in the local community with their communication difficulties. The practice was formerly known as Glenda Browne Speech Pathology and was established in 1991 by Glenda Browne.

Talk About Speech Pathology provides a range of therapy services to children aged 0-18 years of age. Our aim is to provide every child with the opportunity to succeed so they can participate in their community and achieve their dreams. We do this by creating opportunities and experiences for our clients, through the implementation of evidence- based speech therapy.


At Talk About Speech Pathology our team is dedicated to:

Communication– We know that communication is the core of what we do so we always aim to communicate responsively, be active listeners and seek to understand and always communicate honestly with our families.

Relationships– We want to build positive relationships with our families so we can work together as a team to support your child.

Positivity – We love seeing happy faces in the clinic so we always celebrate wins to help make our clinic a positive environment for our team and families.