Our clinician's complete comprehensive evidence-based assessments. A variety of test types and methods are used to assess each child's skill level.

       During an assessment we will complete a variety of tasks, these include:

  • Completing a case history to obtain information about your child and family
  • Discuss other services that have been or are being accessed that relate to your child’s development
  • Informal assessment- this includes observing what your child does and how they interact within the clinic environment
  • Formal assessment- this is through the completion of an evidence based standardised assessment to collect data to compare your child’s skills to other children of their age

When should I refer my child for an assessment?

If you have any concerns around your child’s communications skills (understanding and talking) you should refer them for an assessment. If you child is having specific difficulties with the following skills, we recommend that you call your local speech pathologist and complete an assessment.

  • Playing appropriately
  • Interacting with other children through play and communication
  • Using words to communicate
  • Combining words to make sentences
  • Following directions
  • Answering questions
  • Being understood by others
  • Articulating their sounds correctly
  • Retelling events
  • Speaking fluently
  • Reading and Spelling

If you are unsure please call our office and discuss your concerns with one of our clinicians.

How long does an assessment take?

The length of time to assess your child depends on their age and their presenting difficulties. Assessment times range from 1-3 hours. Our clinicians will communicate how long they believe they will need to assess your child. Your child’s assessment can be completed across 2 or more sittings depending on their skill level.